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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of electronics manufacture service and create a thriving society.

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About Us

Hi-Bit, a global electronics manufacture service provider, which is located at No.12 Xianghong road, torch high-tech industrial development zone (Xiangan), Xiamen, P.R.C.

Hi-Bit established in 1996, with more than 20 years experience. We strive to offer one stop solution from product design & engineering, manufacturing (including PCBA, tooling, final assembly and testing) to supply chain management service to our partner.

Hi-Bit is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485 certified with a strict quality control system. Hi-Bit has a world-wide range of customers mostly in US, Europe and Japan.

If you are looking to work with one of the top EMS providers in China, reach out to us today.

Why to choose Hi-Bit


Fast and efficient for NPI, Quick prototyping, low-mid volume / mid-high max

Cost reduction

Global sourcing, Kaizen process

On time delivery & VMI

On time delivery is always key


Supported by the best quality & management control systems

Management control system

Our management control system ensures a good process

Strong support from engineering

Our engineering team is always at your service


Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your project.

Product design

Hi-bit provide smart and flexible product co-design service to our OEM/ODM partner during any stage of product design cycle. As a part of your design extend, Hi-bit would like to share our electronic and mechanical engineer experience with customer, so as we could transform your marketing idea to the product in market.


Schematics design
PCB layout
RF & Wireless Design


Plastic Part design
Metal Part design
2D/3D Drawing
Structure Optimization

Quick prototyping

PCBA prototype build
Mechanical mock up samples

Engineering service

From manufactureing to testing to supply chain, Hi-Bit provide a thoughtful engineering service. Our engineer team could optimize your product design, minimize the manufacture risk, higher yields, reduce product cost and improve product quality. We could enable you to launch a more competitive and profitable product to market.

DFX (Design for Excellence)

DFM: Design for Manufacturing
DFA: Design for Assembly
DFT: Design for Test
DFC: Design for Cost
DFSC: Design for Supply Chain
DFQ: Design for Quality
DFR: Design for Reliability

Testing Development

Test strategy / plan
Function test
Burn in test
Reliability test
RF test
RoHs compliance test

Tooling Development

Tooling design review
Mold flow analysis
Key dimension & tolerance control

New Product Introduction

NPI team is under a experienced project manager lead, the team includes member from R&D engineer, material procurement people and manufacture engineer, the whole team could provide flexible, quick-turnover and high quality NPI service, ensure customer complex product launch to market smoothly and on time after EVT,DVT and PVT. Hi-Bit have experience to drive the things in the right way and save your time to market.

Hi-Bit NPI process

NPI Gantt Chart & weekly review
BOM review

DFM/DFT and Optimize
PFMEA (Process failure mode and effect analysis)


We are expertise, as a more than 20 years EMS factory, we could apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques. We know how to control technique details in each process to attain a high quality product which you expect. We are flexible from extensive PCB assembly to complex box-build/system assembly. Our production line is equipped with flexibility and could meet different customer product request. We are smart ,we could make you order quick-turnover, and we could deal with low-mid volume and mid-high mix production. We support a developing new company and could grow up with the new company together.

Surface mount technology (SMT)
Through-hole technology
Electronic-Mechanical assembly
Mechanical assembly and box build
Robort gluing

Supply Chain Management

For each product manufacture cycle, Hi-Bit supply chain team provide an end to end supplier chain solution to meet customer request. From material management, Hi-Bit help customer to gain and maintain a cost-effective competitive supply chain, shorten product material lead time, and lowdown the inventory stock to ensure JIT and VMI production mode. For manufacture management, material strict intake and kitting planning, running daily MRP via SAP ERP system to ensure the commit date to customer and improve Hi-Bit OTD performance.

Global Sourcing and Procurement
Supplier survey & AVL management
Localization & Cost Optimization
Rolling forecast and Order
Long lead-time material management
ERP system
Inventory management
Daily Shortage material checking
On time delivery
Logistics & Aftermarket services


Through innovation and application of advance technologies ,together with our highly integrated teamwork ,we continuously review and improve our quality performance to exceed customer expectations.
Hi-Bit sites use HBQS quality system (a computer management system) to track quality assurance processes in real-time and reports on all steps in the manufacturing.





Management system

Hi-bit transforms the technical, product data and information into useful experiences, references and standards, strive to promote the integration of Industrial and Information, our goal is to make manufacture process more transparent and intelligent.

Manufacture planning system
Kan Ban management
Barcode / Kitting / MES
Online Quality control System
FQC system
Product technology database system
Test database system
ESD management
Temperature / huminity control
MSD materials management

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We have experience with products in the following markets.

Clean Energy
Green / Eco


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No.12 Xianghong Road, Torch high-tech industrial development zone (Xiangan), Xiamen, P.R.C.


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